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DOWN (Down II - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow...) CD

I will never understand what should be so special about DOWN. The first album was mostly average, with a few good songs on it, but nothing special for me. And I've got the same feeling about this one. Ok, the production is very good and there are a few nice riffs on it but if there weren't names like Anselmo, Keenan and so on and if there weren't this hype around the band, DOWN wouldn't get that much attention. But let's go into details. Anselmo is once again playing his tough guy role, struggling with life and he once again is showing us his "emotional" side. You know, tough guys are also very sensitive , ha ha! For sure, DOWN are tight as hell and the songs are well arranged but this shouldn't be that big surprise when you take a look at the line-up. You can hear influences from Keenan's band (COC), there's a small Clearlight vibe in a few of the songs, especially in "Stained Glass Cross", and of course Crowbar.

I prefer softer tracks like the jazzy "Lies, I don't know..." or the bluesy "Where I'm Going", filled with slide-guitar and banjo. "New Orleans is a dying whore" sounds like "Bury me in smoke-part II" and it's one of the more outstanding ones together with "Dog Tired". All in all, the album contains fifteen tracks, but I miss the feeling of a "real" album. It sounds more like a DOWN song compilation, than a well structured album. For my taste, this a mainstream heavy rock album with a boring tough guy poser image, the typical weed-worshipin ' lyrics and there isn't enough emotional depth in it. And at least, what should be heavy about this band? I better listen to more original NOLA bands, like EyeHateGod, Southern Isolation or the brilliant Clearlight but DOWN leaves me really cold. For the latest news visit their website.