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DOUBLE WIDE (Fear Of A Fat Planet) MC

After a long and shitty day you come at home,drink some beer and feel frustrated,and then you went to your friends to play some heavy sick Blues stuff in the garage.You and your friends start with the song "Home Coming" . A slow number with a thick bass-line and you feel pissed off, when you start with the vocals. Iggy Pop could be similar to your style of singing.This little story came in my mind, while listening to DOUBLE WIDE´s first (?) demo MC. They don´t play BLACK SABBATH-influenced Doom. Although they´re heavy, it´s more weird and sick with a little Blues and Jazz touch.The second song "Head Wings" goes in a heavy Noiserock direction,with free-form guitar playin´. The vocals are distorted and I think,the band uses samples in it. It´s not easy to describe their music, but maybe FATSO JETSON is a band that comes close to DOUBLE WIDE.But decide for yourself and get in contact for this demo ($2) with: Shane McDanel, 1213 Jackson#2, Rockford I 1. 61107, USA or mail to him at: