DOMES OF SILENCE (Temple Of Silence)

If you wonder why I didn't noted the format of the latest release of UK's DOMES OF SILENCE, then I would like to let you know that the band released this single in December 2009 only on I-tunes and other download formats. Pity though, but sometimes that's the way it is these days. DOMES OF SILENCE delivers a solid slab of fuzz drenched heavy rock similar to bands like Fu Manchu and Nebula. Not surprisingly, they have not yet the class of these groups, but particularly the second song 'Bad Wisdom' shows a lot of potential. The chorus is very catchy and there is even a small dose of high-energy rock in the song structure. Sean Parkin is no highly gifted vocalist, but it's enough to put some soul into the songs. To this can be added a thick and crunchy twin guitar sound and it is not surprising that they mention Matamp amplifiers in the press info. Well, for me it's not the most important thing since I would prefer the capacity to write memorable songs. In this case DOMES OF SILENCE has room for improvement, but otherwise 'Temple of Silence' is a pretty solid release.