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DIXIE WITCH (One Bird, Two Stones) CD

My expectations were really high on the second album of DIXIE WITCH, because "Into The Sun" is still one of my faves. But I have to admit, that I got my personal problems with "One Bird, Two Stones". Were my expectations too high or am I just in a bad mood? I think, I can leave out the second thought, because I'm doing really fine. So, what's my problem? Am I just fed up with all the southern styled bands, though DIXIE WITCH are definitely belonging to the better ones? Maybe a bit. But let me slip into the details. In opposite to "Into The Sun", this album isn't so massive and more on a classic 70's path, because of a different production. While the first album was sounding as if the band tears out their hearts and put it on the table, this time the emotions aren't so overwhelming. But it's no "cold" album, because this is DIXIE WITCH.

With tracks like, "Here Today Gone Tomorrow", "The Wheel", or "Turbo Wing" my heart starts beating faster and shivers are running down my spine. The vocals of skinsman Trinidad are still powerful and soulful in the same moment, but to my surprise, this time he reminds me more to Dave Wyndorf, what is no bad point at all. I think, that "One Bird, Two Stones" haven't got the class of the groubdbreaking debut, but it's very recommandable to all fans of heavy 70's (southern) rock, and DIXIE WITCH are still a class of it own, apart of all my problems with their new album. After Brainticket, Small Stone Records is the new home of DIXIE WITCH and for actual informations, check out their homepage.