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I needed a long time since I've finally get a copy of the debut of this awesome TX powertrio.And yes, they are a POWER trio in the truest meaning of this word. Aside of all the heavy veterans that are still around I can't remember the debut of a band which impresses me so much. You may ask why? At first, these guys know how to write and arrange remarkable and sensitive songs, where not only the powerchord dominates. Clayton Mills' guitarwork is hard but still very melodic and every solo got its place. Bass-player Curt Christenson plays solid as hell and the drums are so tightly and filling every hole in the tracks. The amazing powerful vocals of drummer Trinidad Leal are sounding as if they were made for this kind of music. Like the band name says, there's a southern rock vibe in the tracks, but it doesn't dominate the album. It's just one of the ingridents, this three man have put in this delicious mix. Second, this band IS heavy from the bottom of their hearts and souls.

DIXIE WITCH are authentic and they don't need to deal with any kind of image or trend. It's obvious to hear, that they are aware of the early history of heavy rock but they are sounding so refreshing that you can't file them under the label retro-rock. And at least it's this positive and uplifting power, that shines through the complete album. Sometimes they are a bit melancholic, but that's what blues is about. I don't need to lose any words about single songs, because all are of the seven songs are on the same high level and diverse enough to make this album to something I want to listen over and over again. This is a masterpiece, it's honest and true music and a must-have for everyone who is fed up with the mass of boring heavy crap. And if you're a hardcore doom fan, than give it a try...I think it could also be something for you. Highly recommandable!!! "Into the Sun" was released on John Perez' label Brainticket Records and for more infos about DIXIE WITCH go directly to their website.