DITHYRAMBS (Free To Be Filthy) CD

It's the first release from the new German label Beautiful Scum Records, and it's a damn good label debut. This Italian band was founded in 1989, and this is actually their first offical album, although they gained a lot of good criticism in the early 90's for their first demo and their promo CD in 2001. So much the better that Beautiful Scum Records discovered the potential of DITHYRAMBS, because what this power trio delivers here is truly impressive. Pretty frequently their virtuosic execution reminds me to the bodacious Unorthodox, because they treat different musical styles in almost the same elegant vein. 70's Hardrock, Thrash Metal, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock merge seamlessly together and nevertheless the complex outcome is still catchy and powerful. You realize their delight in playing very soon and the more I listen to 'Free To Be Filthy' the more I love it. The production is dry as a bone and fits good to their sound, and especially guitarist Andreas Pacini emerges very often as a master craftsman of the six strings. Drummer Francesco Biagianti and bassist Daniele Mencarelli accumulate to a tight rhythm-section, so that the guitar can let off steam whenever it's needful. Of course, here's also a lot of emotion in each of the eight cuts and so I can't find any fault. This album is a varied affair and I hope, that DITHYRAMBS receive the adherence they deserve. Highly recommendable!