DISFEAR (Misanthropic Generation) CD

"Misanthropic Generation" reminds me to my old days in the early 80's, when I used to wear spikey hairs and a painted leather jacket, and some of my favourite bands were GBH, Crucifix, Discharge etc. A lot has changed since then, though I still love Crucifix and Discharge. Ok, enough sentimentality, this is 2003 and the album explodes with the track "Powerload", and the title is a perfect description for the new album of Swedish Hard/Crustcore experts DISFEAR. The entire album is like a firestorm, a pulverizing steamroller, a testament of hate, anger and desperation, that is free from any current trends. In opposite to other Discharge-influenced bands, DISFEAR got excellent intelligent self-reflecting lyrics and not that typical "war-is-shit-and-so-are-you" stuff.

It was an excellent desicion of the band, to get the outstanding vocalist Tomas Lindberg (ex-At The Gates) on board. His angry and unique vokills are fitting more than perfect to the breathless fast forward heading wall of sound. If you're into hippie 70's "stoner" shit, than grab your weak weed and skip forward, because DISFEAR won't give you any time to rest. Apart of the influence of the UK-hardcore-school, there's a strong Motörhead vibe, what makes the album more interesting. After twelve powerful uncompromising songs, the album ends, and I'm glad, that there are still bands around like DISFEAR. You don't find a lot of variety here, but sooo much energy, and that's what this music is about. "Misanthropic Generation" has been released on Relapse Records and further informations are available at the DISFEAR homepage.