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DISENGAGE (Application For An Afterlife) CD

Currently, there aren't much bands around, who are playing such a fine crossover, consisting of 70's heavy rock and early-80's hardcore, like Cleveland's DISENGAGE. This was only one of my first impressions, while listening to their new (and third) album, that has been released via Swell Creek with support by Daredevil Records. To my shame, I never was interested in their previous albums, and I remember how often I hold the second album "Obsessions Become Phobias" in my hands without buying it. Shame on me, but due to the reason that is has been on Mans Ruin Records, I thought this band was just the next average fuzzrock band, but my prejudice lead me wrong. Well, ok,.... Mans Ruin had also released some excellent stuff from bands like Begotten, Sons Of Otis, Operator:Generator, Clearlight etc. , so I stop complaining.

  can't say, that I'd fall in love with the new album direct from the start, but after some intense listening sessions, the album enfolds its different musical aspects, and I start to like it more and more, until I reached the point where I don't want to miss it. Comparable with Tool, DISENGAGE have captured the same dark vibe, and here are also some musical similarities with the famous progressive rock band. But the overall mood of the album is charged with anger and some sort of toughness, and especially the expressive vocals from Jason Byers are a link to the hardcore-influences of the band. Due to the intelligent song arrangements, it's not that kind of hooligan-mentality one can expect here, and the variety of here included fourteen cuts makes this album to a fresh and never self-repeating work. At least, a fat and loud production (which sounds extreme expensive) will make sure, that the energy of this band is documented in its best way. An album, which could be interesting for a lot of different music fan, so give it a try! And although I received a promo from this album, I would buy it immediately, if I see it in a store or somewhere else....