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DIRTY RIG (Blood, Sweat & Beer) MCD

This is the promo of the upcoming debut MCD from heavy US rockers DIRTY RIG. This four guys are fans of 18 wheelers, strong booze and the good ole mother Rock 'n' Roll. Of course, not to forget Sex and other drugs and that's their simple but effective message. They feel influenced by bands as AC/DC and Aerosmith, but they are also aware of 90's heavy bands like Kyuss and Clutch. The Kyuss influence isn't that strong, but they got the groove of later Clutch, compared with guitar overtones as we know it from Zakk Wylde playing. And it's obvious to hear, that DIRTY RIG are listening to Skynyrd, too. The lyrics are about living in the country and working a blue-collar living, but when you add all their hobbies and musical influences together, what else could you expect.

I wish, DIRTY RIG would leave out the small Hardcore influence, especially vocalwise ("GTO") and the last of the six included songs, named "TWO" is sounding a bit to new metallish for my taste. But all in all, "Blood, Sweat & Beer" is a very nice and tasteful heavy Rock 'n' Roll mini-album, that offers nothing new, but that's not the intention of DIRTY RIG. This is a good debut, but like everybody knows: it's long way to the top and I'm not sure if this band will establish their name in the overcrowded pool of heavy groovin' bands, but they belong to the hopefuls. Good luck, guys! "Blood, Sweat & Beer" will be released in September 2003 through The Music Cartel. Check out the DIRTY RIG website for additional informations.