DEVIL TO PAY (Thirty Pieces Of Silver) CD

A new US-band with their debut on Benchmark Records. They don't cover any new ground, but their downtuned heavy rock is solid and entertaining to keep spinning in my player. A good riff here, and nice chord change there, a vocalist who knows how to use his voice, enough verve so that one can tap its feet while listening and ready is this heavy dark grooving mesh. The album is very homogeneous and filled with small nice ideas that have forced me to listen to it until the last song. Isn't that good or what !? And it feels, as if DEVIL TO PAY have enough potential to create something bigger than "Thirty Pieces Of Silver". But this is the debut and if this album has been released ten years ago, DEVIL TO PAY would have received more attention, but I can imagine that they got a solid fan-base in their hometown. Anyway, if you dig bands like Fireball Ministry, Twin Earth or Roadsaw f.e, you may can relate to DEVIL TO PAY.