Since the 1980's I'm a fan of the first wave of hardcore bands, which emerged from the Boston scene. Especially groups like SS Decontrol, Siege, and Jerry's Kids were pioneers in the unknown territory of ultra aggressive hardcore and their recordings are milestones in the history of that genre. Well, this is more than thirty years ago, and I don't know what happened in the Boston scene during all this years. The last bands I really liked were Straw Dogs and the legendary Sam Black Church, but this is also long ago. Last year I received this disc from another Boston band named DESTRUCT-A-THON, which was formed in the summer of 2000. This self-financed EP is their latest release, which consists of two new songs, one cover version, a bonus track plus a short message from Sam Black Church's Jet. My favourite track is 'Consume with Incisor' that reminds me to the mighty Sam Black Church. DESTRUCT-A-THON have added a cool metal edge to their fast paced sound, they are tight and the vocals of Duncan Wilder Johnson are really good. 'Heart Attack' is a cover song originally by a band called Bravado, while 'Aloha Jihad' is included as usual version and as a radio edit. Of course, this band has not much in common with the groundbreaking work aforementioned bands, but this is a solid release.