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DESECRATION (Pathway To Deviance) CD

This is the fourth full release from the now legendary Welsh Death/Gore/Grind veterans DESECRATION. I never had the chance to listen to their older material, but their hyper-precisce Death Grind is brutal and fast as hell, enriched with original and cynic movie-samples. What I appreciate about DESECRATION is their tightness and their ability to play as exact as an atomic clock. But like most bands in this genre, there's a lack of diversity in the song-material. A (triggered?) double-bass, hyper-speed tempo and the typical growling vocals all the time ...ok, when I compare them to acts as Broken Hope f.e. they are much more talented and they've got the better ideas but at least, the hyper-speed dominates the whole album and that's not really the thing I prefer. There are a few moments, when they take the feets of the pedal and then they are growing stronger in their brutal approach.

Another positive aspect in the songs is the melodic solo guitarwork.It's a good contrast to the brutal riffing, especially when this guys adds a groove into a few of the songs. The production is close to the old Tampa Bay Morrisound studio sound, what means that it fits perfect for this kind of Metal and after 30 + minutes and ten songs you have survived this gory assault and for me it's time to slow down a bit, because my ears are still ringing. This album reminds me to my death-metal period between '88 and '90 when I was much more into this kind of stuff, but today I'm an old man (ha-ha!) that needs some peace of mind and if I'm looking for some gore I better watch a Fulci flick. So, I like to close this review with the advice, that this album is recommandable for people, who are into ultra fast brutal death-grind with gory lyrics. All others should leave this out! "Pathway To Deviance" has been released on Copro Records.