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DEATH ROW (Death Is Alive: 1981-1985) LP

One of the heaviest bands from the USA were DEATH ROW, co-founded by Victor Griffin and this is a limited vinyl edition (1000 copies) from Game Two Records, released in 2000. The album consists of various recordings from their rehearsal room and live shows. Unfortunately, the name DEATH ROW lasted only until 1984, and then they changed it into PENTAGRAM.  That was the name from Bobby Liebling's old band, who joined them in the early 1980's, because Victor Griffin was looking for a new singer. Here you find recordings from 1981-1985, and it's obvious that DEATH ROW were a different beast than Liebling's band.

With the exception of 'Drive Me To The Grave' all songs can be found on the first three DEATH ROW/PENTAGRAM records. The sound quality is definitely not the best,  but nevertheless the power of the band is overwhelming. It's stirring to hear timeless classics like 'Petrified', 'The Ghoul', 'Burning Savior' or 'Live Free and Burn'  and I don't mind the poor sound. Here we have a historical document and it's good to know that Game Two Records shed some light on this forgotten chapter of doom history. I can only hope that one day someone will dig out the old DEATH ROW demos as well as their first cassette 'All You Sins' which later became the debut album of PENTAGRAM although it's actually Victor Griffin's DEATH ROW.  'Death Is Alive' is highly recommandable and essential for your collection.