A new Swedish band, that was formed back in 1997 and they are playing very weighty 70's influenced fuzz-driven heavy rock 'n' roll (they call themselves wreck 'n' roll). These guys are of course influenced by Kyuss (or should I write Blue Cheer?), but they have added a sleazy vibe to their songs especially vocalwise. The twelve songs aren't very original and that's my point of critic. They've got the usual grooves and dynamics in their music, like so much band that are exploring the same territory. DEAR MUTANT are sounding like a mixture of The Quill with a little bit of Generous Maria in it. I like their musical abilities and the passion they have put into the songs, but is it enough to stick out of the mass of bands playing in the same vein ?

None of the twelve tracks are really worse and the production is very good. There are some fast forward songs, some mid-tempo tracks and so on but like I've said it enough if you want to place your name in the overcrowded pool of fuzz-driven heavy rock acts? For a debut, it's not bad and DEAR MUTANT could maybe work out an own musical profile. So I'm not quite sure what advice I could give you about DEAR MUTANT....if you can't get enough of Swedish heavy fuzz 'n' roll than you can't get wrong with these guys. They are playing in the same league as the other more well-known Swedish bands. But if you're want to discover something original than leave this out. This album will be (self?)-released on Wet Point Music (email: ) and for more about DEARMUTANT vist the band's homepage.