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Out of Kouvola, Finland comes this band with this self-released debut, after they released a official demo in February 2003. The group has welded a keening sense of melody to their visceral modern metal sound, and added here and there some riffs, that could be from bands like later Metallica, Pantera or Crowbar. Five well-crafted songs are presented here, and singer Timo Nissinen sounds a bit like the small brother of Penance vocalist Brian Balich, without reaching his intense level. There could be a bit more variety in the songs, because mostly the band is playing in a mid-tempo way, and more original riffs, please, but apart of it, it's a solid presentation and I hope it helps the band to get a record deal. One extra plus for the professional cover-layout that contains all lyrics that are dealing with the dark sides of life. If you're interested in the sound of DEAD REVOLUTION or if you're running a record-label, please get in contact with the band at their homepage.