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DEAD REVOLUTION (Hollow Sounds From The Void) MCD-R

Here's is the second demo from this Kouvola-based band. If you want to fresh up your geographical knowledge let me tell you that Kouvola is a Finnish city. DEAD REVOLUTION have released this demo in February 2003 that included three songs. The sounds is rougher than on "Narrow Gates", what's not that bad for my taste, because I really dig those dirty productions. At this point the band had found a style somewhere between classic 80's Heavy Metal and 70's Hardrock. I'm quite sure that the two guitarplayers own CD's of Pantera and Zakk Wylde, too ,but they are far away from creating those massive sonic riff-brutality as Ozzy's sidekick. Timo Nissinen is a good singer and he adds the right emotional kick to the sound. The band got the talent and the skills to play on a solid technical level, but they need more convincing ideas to stick out of crowd. If not, they surely will be history...