DEAD MEADOW (Howls From The Hills) LP/CD

For me, this trio is a special and unique band. They have captured a very own sound on the first self-titled album, which was far away from today's standards. For sure, they are also influenced by the 60/70's but that's maybe the only thing they've got in common with other bands.Especially the strange sounding lead vocals are definitly outstanding. Their music is gentle and warm, still heavy but very psyched-out. There's are 60's psychedelic elements in the songs and in some way, DEAD MEADOW are sounding sometimes more like an English than an US act. The songs are flowing out of the speakers in a very natural, elegant and peaceful way, and they create an interesting mystical atmosphere. The guitar sound is still fuzzy and very warm.To compare it with the good first album, it's more song-oriented, very compact and the production is thicker which leads us to the fact, that this ultra heavy fuzzy psychedelic music goes directly into your spine where it stimulates your CNS. This is a highly recommended album, and Joe Lally's label Tolotta has once again proven a good taste. For actual infos check out the homepage of DEAD MEADOW..