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D.B.P.I.T. and KENJI SIRATORI (Mandala) CD-R

'Mandala' is the result of the collaboration between D.B.P.I.T. and Kenji Siratori and both have managed to break with usual musical conventions and to explore the world of avantgardistic experimental music, influenced by early Industrial music. While D.B.P.I.T. create very obscure and mystical sounds with the help of varied instruments, what sometimes reminds me to early electronic music from Germany, Kenji Siratori is responsible for the spoken words and both were supported by guest musicians on two tracks. I would love to understand all the lyrics, but on the other hand the Japanese language increases the exotic quality of the music. 'Mandala' is a damn intensive album, and everyone who will listen to it in the night with headphones on can't resist against its effect. The trumpet in 'Dust Nirvana' or 'Hetero Syndrome' adds a jazzy touch to the bizarre sound and some loops cause a rhythmic background so that it helps not to lose the orientation within the songs. 'Cyber Larva' is just eerie and surreal sonic art, that is definitely not made for timid people, but actually this album is like a thrilling ride through the tunnel of horror . 'Mutated Paradise' confuses the listener with additional piano sounds, but they don't bring any kind of relaxation but more scary feelings. I think, it will be very nice to take some LSD before listening to this album, but to be honest here you don't need an mind-expanding subtances because 'Mandala' has the same effect. It delivers fried minds and black aesthetics in equal measure and the Japanese label Deserted Factory have shown their unwillingness to conform. Highly recommendable!