DAWNRIDER (Alpha Chapter) CD

Here we have the first full-length from the Portuguese band DAWNRIDER, who also appeared on a split-7" in 2005 with Maryland's War Injun. I assume that this choice was no accident, because DAWNRIDER especially vocalist F.J. Dias, is a huge fan of the Maryland doom scene and of 1970's heavy rock. So it's no surprise that this five guys have integrated their musical faves into their sound, without mutating into a spineless copy. Released in 2007 by Raging Planet Records, 'Alpha Chapter' is loud, riff-heavy, dynamic, sometimes aggressive and not one-dimensional. For example 'Altamont Nation' is a stunning instrumental which embraces the spirit of Asylum/Unorthodox and 'Predator' will blow your head off with some sinister hardrock riffing. The energy levels are high on the whole album and the band flexes their muscles with the help of meaty riffs, effective double bass assaults and rough vocals. DAWNRIDER wipe the floor with all the overrated trendy heavy rock bands of this decade, and one can feel that this guys just play for music's sake. Of the included nine songs, two of them are cover versions. Even here they prove tastefulness with the selection of Amebix' 'I.C.B.M.' and Buffalo's 'Shylock'. The implementation was really successful, because both tracks could be own compositions and that's the best compliment for a good cover version. 'Alpha Chapter' is an excellent debut where even the production is top-notch. It's warm like a sunny summer day and really full-sounding. Highly recommended!!!