DARKEST ERA (The Journey Through Damnation) MCD

After one strong demo released in 2006 under the name Nemesis, DARKEST ERA have finally put out their first release through Eyes Like Snow Records in 2008, a division of Northern Silence Productions. DARKEST ERA hail from Northern Ireland and their folk-inspired heavy metal has brought them much credibility and an underground following. In parts there is a slight black metal influence to their sound, which is most notable in two of the four included tracks. The use of acoustic instruments shows the relatively Irish folk leanings of ‘The Journey Through Damnation‘, but mostly the songs are driven by an energetic blend of mid-period Bathory and Iron Maiden. DARKEST ERA has depth and atmosphere in their songs, and I suppose that a lot of metal fans will love this disc. This is a pretty good start for an unknown band, and if you long for more epic heaviness with a touch of nature, this should satisfy your cravings for a while.