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DAMO SUZUKI & CUZO (Puedo ver tu Mente) LP/CD

When Damo Suzuki, the legendary vocalist of German musical innovators Can, decided to record a live album together with Spanish eccentric progressive outfit CUZO, it is obvious that the result has little or nothing in common with conventional rock music. Recorded in 2009 and released thru Alone Records in 2011, 'Pudeo ver tu Mente' is epic, spontaneous and definitely not structured for radio listening. It feels like the stream of conscious work of musical virtuosos unafraid to fail while the music is encouraging, demanding and inspirational. There are no boundaries and none of the three included tracks is static, but always moving what makes it difficult to say what's next. Sometimes there are psychedelic and progressive rock fragments in which rapid changes are taking place.

Furthermore the guitar is continually tweaked with different effects and random odd noises, which all add to the surrealistic yet oneiric atmosphere of 'Pudeo ver tu Mente'. I really like how everything flows in a natural way and it doesn't feel forced at all. As previously mentioned, it seems as if there was a collective consciousness that created this truly captivating consistency. That is all the more astonishing when one considers that this is the first collaboration between the involved parties. And then of course there is Damo Suzuki, who once again puts aside the idea of conventional 'verse-chorus-verse' or even intelligible lyrics. But if you are well-acquainted with his musical history it should not come as a surprise.

On 'Puedo ver tu Mente', his characteristic voice is more like the fourth instrument within this weird jam session that does not grow dull. There are people who say that you need tons of magic mushrooms to make music like this, but we know of course that it is nonsense. If you listen closely, you realise that the involved musicians are very disciplined, despite all looseness. 'Puedo ver tu Mente' is a fascinating work for any adventurous listener, and it's an album that only gets stronger with each spin. I find this is the type of music where you need to sit back, maybe turn on the black light and just take it all in. Higly recommended for psychonauts and improvisational music lovers.