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CYRANO (Inspired By God... Fueled By Satan) MCD-R

In the band-info one can read that this German band absolutely knows what they want and that they have their shit together. But I have to disagree, especially about the first point! This four-tracker is a twisted thing for me, due to the diverse quality of the here recorded cuts. "Death Of A Salesman" and "Slackers" are two nice heavy up-tempo rockers, a good mix between hard riffs and expressive vocals and "Slackers" is my fave here, due to the interwoven mellow bluesy part at the end.

But a coin has always two sides, and so "Narcotic" and "Disabled" are very different from the two other songs. Still, it's rock music, but both tracks remind me to the mass of boring bands, who are trying to sound like Nirvana. A suffering vocalist and this typical loud/quiet dynamics and so on...... aarrgghh, it drives me crazy and makes me want to push the stop-button! I give the band the advice to kick out this post-adolescent vibe, and focuse more on the good old rock 'n' roll as they do on the half of this demo. Sorry, no e-mail address or website available, but you can write to: M. Pankow / Lindenstr.10a / 15517 Fürstenwalde (Spree) / Germany