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Here's an album to make your ears bleed! Canadian's CURSED infects the listener with an aggressive and testosterone-drenched sound, that draw influences from death metal, hardcore and crust. Of course, CURSED are brutal as fuck, and all members have played in several other bands, which are totally unknown to me and name-dropping doesn't make sense in every review so I will spare you with it. Although CURSED are able to canalize their merciless sound of anger into nine (plus intro) well-crafted songs, I miss something here, and I'm not sure what is, so it makes it more difficult for me to write this review. I guess, my main problem is that I feel a bit tired of bands sounding like this one. Well, I still dig Entombed f.e. that are comparable with this band, but the early Entombed have been innovators of the death metal genre, while their later albums are perfect combinations of death metal and rock 'n' roll. I haven't expected any form of innovation from CURSED, but "Two" could have been much more interesting, if they were more focused on variety than on brutality. Only the Neurosis-like "Fatalist" and especially the doom-drenched "Model Home Invasion" are leaving the repetitive path of high-speed rage. If they had written more cuts like "Model Home Invasion" I would love this album, but they didn't. But I can report that I've read the included lyrics once more, because they possess some very clever and sarcastic opinions as "Hell comes Home" f.e. Anyway, if the above mention description belongs to your main criterions of buying an album, give this a try, but I don't feel this kind of anger anymore...