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CRUX (Rev Smrti/Screams Of Death) CD

The former Czechoslovakia was an extremely inspiring ground for a lot of devoted Thrash Metal bands, who have been also influenced by the first wave of Black Metal like Bathory f.e. Among those Czech bands, we find Root or Masters Mammer, but also CRUX, which have been formed by bass player Roman Kribek and guitarist Petr 'Blackosh' Hosek at the beginning of 1988. Later, drummer Rene 'Evil' Kostelnik, who is now playing in Root, joined the band and in December 1991 they recorded their seven track demo 'Rev Smrti'. This legendary demo gained a lot of attention in the underground scene and received very good reviews in small fanzines.

Yes, that was the time, when we weren’t addicted to the internet....hahaha. Despite all this positive feedback, CRUX split-up, because the drummer and guitarist wanted to focus on Root. In 2000 Leviathan Records re-released this demo, but they only used a demo copy for that, so the sound quality was not good. Now seven years later I Hate Records did a much better job with the re-release, because they have exhumed the original master tapes and added eight bonus tracks to 'Rev Smrti'. Still, after more than fifteen years, this demo is an excellent example for filthy, black Thrash Metal,, with its fresh, raw , vicious and resolutely bleak sound. CRUX have been a ripping force, and this is a timeless document of their abilities. The album comes with a 20 page booklet, that contains a lot or rare b/w pics as well as the lyrics, and so it’s a very tasteful document of oustanding Black/Thrash Metal.