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I lost some positive words about their debut EP and with "So Low" this guys are continuing their way of metallic doom-driven heavy rock. Only the charismatic vocals of Rodney Davidson have changed a little bit into a darker direction. There are four new songs on this EP and one of the outstanding songs is the opener "Center Stage", that was co-written by Victor Griffin and this song got definitly a huge Place Of Skulls touch. Very soulful guitarwork and you can hear, that COUNTERSHAFT's Greg Turley was part of the mighty Pentagram in the 90`s, so that he had learned a lot from Victor in this time.The last track "Nothing Changes" is also in the same vein like the opener and both tracks are making "So Low" to a entertaining release.

The other two ones "Solo" and "Black Sky" are nothing special, but I know it to appreciate that COUNTERSHAFT aren't playing that typical stereotype doom/heavy rock style If you like to invest your money into one of the better heavy underground acts, than I give you the advice to order "So Low" directly from the band. And I really hope, that they'll soonly become the chance to record a full length.