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The first self-produced demo from this American band ,which was formed and based in 1999 in Northern Virginia . They have played gigs with acts like PENTAGRAM or INTERNAL VOID.At first, I´m glad to hear, that COUNTERSHAFT aren´t blind Kyuss/Fu Manchu-worshippers. Two of the three tracks on "2 K1" have more in common with HELMET or STILLBORN (Swe) and especially the vocals on the first two tracks are going more into a Hardcore direction. But the singer knows how to change his style and on the last track he sounds more like a small brother of A.Eldritch and J.Vera. The band tries to work out a unique sound, but I must say that they haven´t luck with every note.

Some parts in the songs have been played so often in the same way from other Hardcore/Thrash bands , that it gets a little bit boring after a while.. But on the other side COUNTERSHAFT are a new band with some nice ideas and they are honest in what they´re doing. This demo is no groundbreaker , but a good base for the start.The band info says that by the summer of 2001, the band has written over a dozen original songs and I think, that a full-length album will show what this band has to offer.The total running time of this demo is 11:45 min.