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COUNT RAVEN (Destruction Of The Void) CD

It was the year 1992, when Hellhound Records released the second album of Doom Metal vikings COUNT RAVEN. Two years have passed since their magnificent debut 'Storm Warning', and in the meantime Christian Linderson did leave the band to join Saint Vitus. That was no reason for COUNT RAVEN to mourn about this loss, and so guitarist Dan Fondelius took over the vocals. This was no real surprise for all the fans, who followed the band since their very early days, because it wasn't for the first time, that he was the lead singer of the group. Now, as a trio, the band entered the studio and recorded another milestone in Doom Metal history, entitled 'Destruction of the Void'.

The album was more varied than 'Storm Warning', not only because of the two beautiful instrumental keyboard tracks. Different paces have been integrated and similar to the Saint Vitus song 'Hallows Victim', COUNT RAVEN recorded here their fastest track 'No Ones Hero'. Their talent in writing extreme catchy songs was still amazing, especially because they never lost their ultra-heavy doomed trail. The music is extreme authentically, and packed with a sort of honesty, which is rare to find in current times. What makes this album to a masterpiece of Doom Metal, is also the fact, that none of the here included songs have lost a bit of their emotional intensity. In 1992, nobody did care if you play an Orange, Sunn or Marshall amp or whatever, because everything the listener will remember after the end of the record are the songs, and nothing else.

And I assure, that you'll never forget this infectious hymns of 'Destruction Of The Void', no matter if you listen to the slow and mournful opener 'Until Death Do Us Part' or the anger-charged 'Let The Dead Bury The Dead'. This album is equivalent to the first Saint Vitus album, Trouble's 'Psalm 9' or the first Pentagram record, just to name a few Doom Metal classics. This re-release comes with two bonus tracks, which are also from the 'Indignus Famulus' demo (with Christian Linderson on vocals) plus a very tasteful booklet with extensive linernotes by Dirk Determann, the founder of the German COUNT RAVEN fan-club. If you don't own an orginal Hellhound copy of 'Destruction Of The Void', than you should buy this re-release immediately, because it's a must-have! At least, I like to dedicate this review to Olaf Jacobs, because in 1992 we listen to this album night and day until he wrote the COUNT RAVEN logo on his leather jacket. Or was it before?