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CONVOY (Possibilities) CD

The movie "Convoy" was one of my faves, when I was a boy. All the trucks were reason enough for me to worship this movie in the late-70's. So, what got this thoughts in common with this review? Except the same name, absolutley nothing so let's switch over to the music. The Hungarian band CONVOY was formed in Budapest, September 1997, mostly influenced by bands as COC, Down, Kyuss, Celestial Season, Tool etc. After a few line-up changes and several underground releases as demos and EP's, this is the first self-released full-length that comes up with a very professional layout and and a transparent and powerful production. I never got the chance in listening to the earlier doomier stuff of CONVOY, but this album is a twisted thing for me. Especially the vocals are my personal main-problem. I miss a harder and more expressive vocal-style, to give the sound a sharper form.

For the folky acoustic ballad "Fragments" f.e, it fits totally but there are often moments for my taste, where he sounds to "friendly" and a bit out of tune. Soundwise, the songs are rich on variety and full of hooklines, as the uplifting "Sunspot City", where a hammond organ adds a nice 70's touch to it. Sometimes, a weighty riff makes the sound more doomier and reminds to the earlier days of the band. Although the songs are very melodic, there are complex structures that are sometimes similar to the Dutch-based band Beaver, mixed up with a hint of Tool. Aside of any heaviness, there's also a bit of Indie-Rock in the sound as in "Alanis", something that's not really my cup of tea. I won't file CONVOY next to the Doom or Heavy-Rock bands. It's modern-sounding Rock-music, played a bit more doomier than the usual stuff. Not that bad, but not really what I prefer, but I really appreciate the band's ontention to create a own unique sound. You can order this album from PsycheDOOMelic Records and check out the CONVOY website.