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V.A. (Contaminated 5.0) 2CD

This low price double CD compilation contains 45 tracks in over 150 minutes of extreme music, and it gives you a perfect overview about the actual bands on Relapse Records. It features also an exclusive live track from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN ("Destro's Secret"), but all other tracks are previously released. The band-list seems to be endless, so I will pick out only a few bands. PENTAGRAM, BONGZILLA, HIGH ON FIRE, SOILENT GREEN and ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY are the bands for all friends of heavy doomy and/or sludgy tunes.

Of course, there are a lot of ambitious grindcore bands on it, like UPHILL BATTLE, NASUM, BLOOD DUSTER or AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and so on. Other usual suspects are NILE, MASTODON, NEUROSIS, TODAY IS THE DAY, BENÜMB, SUFFOCATION or REPULSION for example. With bands like 27, AMBER ASYLUM or HALO you find a few of the more obscure bands of the Relapse label program. Due to the extreme low price, this compilation makes enough sense in my eyes, although it would have been nice to include more unreleased material. For a complete list of the featured bands, visit the Relapse homepage.