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The times when COLOUR HAZE was walking in the footsteps of Kyuss are long gone. Over the last years, the band has undergone an exciting transformation with the result of being the leading German heavy psych rock band. This is underpinned by the latest full-length 'She Said', that has been released by Elektrohasch Records in 2012. It is hard to describe with words what is going on in this beautiful double album which is like the sonic equivalent of an epic nature movie. Without doubt, COLOUR HAZE managed not only to reinvent themselves but to create new space for expansion. It almost seems as if the band have thought the time has come to move on without losing all the typical characteristics of their sound. If that is the case, then I would like to congratulate COLOUR HAZE on that, because 'She Said' is amazingly intense.

To understand that, it is necessary to take some time out, preferably with headphones. Only then can the listener discover the sheer volume of detail that hide on most of the included eight songs. One reason for the musical richness of this album are the involved nine guest musicians whose instruments range from Fender Rhodes and Mellotron to trombone and congas. One thing is certain, this makes for some very good surprises. Also surprising is the calmness of 'She Said'. Of course, there are also a lot of heavy riffs and, if necessary, COLOUR HAZE put the pedal to the metal. Just listen to 'Slowdown' which is one of the shortest tracks on this album. It's a straightforward 1970's hard rock tune with some great hooks. But there are also a lot of quiet moments that are perfectly integrated into the flow of the album.

Right from the start you do not hear loud guitars, but wind chimes, and it's been a long time since I've heard a rock album that started so softly. The song builds up slowly and it's the longest cut with a running time of 18:42 minutes. But most of the songs slowly build to a sonic climax, without boring the listener. If I would describe each tune, then this review would be endless and boring and, as already said, it's not easy to describe the timeless beauty of 'She Said' with words. Finally, and I will end here, I think that COLOUR HAZE have been able to record their masterpiece. It's definitely one of the highlights of the previous year 2012.