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The last album from this German-based trio received worldwide the best responses, and it really deserved it. Musicwise COLOUR HAZE now have developed into a force to be reckoned with as far as free-floating heavy psych music is concerned. The new album demonstrates the principle of the forerunner "Los Sounds De Krauts" with a much stronger effect. The song-writing is complex and professional and the sound here on the new album is tight, balanced and quite sharp in places, while Stefan's vocals are sounding better than ever before. "Mountain" opens the album and is a groove-driven cut that starts quiet with a throbbing rhythm and explodes into colour towards the end.

On the other end of the scale "Did él it" is an explosive energy ride over peals of distorted guitar, whilst "Solitude" (with additional e-piano) and "Flowers" are quiter relaxed and reflective pieces. The longest track here is the epic "Peace, Brothers & Sisters!" with a running time of 22+ minutes. A mindblowing assault of liquid, sometimes heavy psyched-out guitar parts envelops extreme dynamics between quiet and loud, and backs it up with trippy sound f/x done by an analogue synth. The quieter moments are full of depth and sensual emotions (like every quiet part on this album!) and can only be described as gorgeously.

The entire album is full of incredible guitar work that ranges from soulful heaviness to avant-like playing, backed by a virtuous and skillful rhythm section. There's a few bands I know that can handle the achievments of heavy psych as naturally and dexterously as COLOUR HAZE. So be it. Recommended to people with taste!