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COLOUR HAZE are a German Heavy Psych powertrio, which been around for nearly ten years. Their first album turned up in 1995 and the sound was different to the later albums. This is their third album from 1999, which has been remixed and redone in 2002 and once more released by the band. COLOUR HAZE take one's time with their seven songs and on average the songs are about five to twelve minutes. Beside the typical heavy wall-of-sound, there's enough time for long-winding instrumental parts, as in "Antenna" f.e., that are increasing into a psychedelic maelstrom. Apart from the usual 60's influences (in this case Cream / Grand Funk Railroad), Kyuss have left their footprints and a few of the songs are sounding as lost Kyuss-songs. That isn't meant in a negative way, because nevertheless the band proven their own identity.

Unfortunately, it doesn't succeeded with every song, and especially a few of the long parts aren't really fascinating me. Maybe I need to smoke some weed before! What I like, is the warm and earthy complete sound of COLOUR HAZE and especially when the band starts with a hard groove as in "Pulse" I can't sit still. Stefan Koglek's voice, who's also responsible for the six strings, is more in the background and sometimes he reminds me a bit to Josh Homme, but I've mentioned the thing with Kyuss before. "Periscope" sounds very spontaneous, moody and authentic and while listening to it, one's got the feeling to sit in the COLOUR HAZE rehearsel room and a joint is going round. It's the perfect album for the relaxed and thoughtful moments, like for me when I've listen to a lot of Sludge during the day..hehehe. Maybe you need some spins to dig this album, but than the band shows the true potential. For actual activities, take a look at the COLOUR HAZE homepage.