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This self-financed split-disc features two unknown Finnish heavy rock bands. Each of them comes up with two songs and the first band is COLD MEAT SOCIETY, who describe their music as 'energetic, groovy stoner rock'. This description sounds really boring, but the music is a little bit better, especially the second song 'Seperate Rooms'. Better riffs and better arrangements grab my attention for a short moment, but even the female vocals don't make it really interesting. There lurks some potential under the surface, so that not all hope is lost, but I give them the advice to discover their potential as soon as possible. For my taste KONVOI does a better job here, although they suffer under the same problems like their friends from CMS. I like the rough vocals, and the filthy guitar-sound, but the compositions are too average for my taste. I miss some real clever ideas or more original riffs. Maybe this is enough, when you play in front of your friends at your local venue, but it's not enough to catch a bigger attention. I'm sure, that both bands will find their audience,but it looks as if I'm not among them.