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COFFINS (Buried Death) CD

It is 2008 and COFFINS has returned from the deepest tombs to satisfy your primitive appetites. Raw, brutal, and merciless this is ultra-downtuned Japanese death metal with a slight doom metal influence, led by a inhumanly vocalist and an impressive filthy production which only serves to make this album more heavier. The comparisons to Autopsy, Winter, Cianide and Hellhammer are old and tired, but are still the best one can come up with. COFFINS don’t want to add anything new to the genre, but they unleash a passionate feast of crispy devastating riffs, monstrous grooves, hypnotic rhythm assaults, and write memorable songs. ’Buried Death‘ is an explosive blend of brutality and heaviness, packaged in beautiful sleeve and not made for sensitive ears. 20 Buck Spin did really a great job with that cover and you should be prepared to be eaten alive!