Last year, when I received Aidan Baker's album "At The Base Of The Mind Is Coiled A Serpent", the package contains also this promo disc from a French artist by the name of Christophe Bailleau. In the past, he had played in a wide range of bands, but decided to continue under his own name. Apart of playing inspiring avantgarde music, he shoots poetic, bizarre short movies as well as sound installations and sculptures. "Cosmet Nihil" has been his latest solo work, released by Le Cri De La Harpe and is an inspiring and solid statement of ambient avantgarde music.

He mixes acoustic sources like guitar, voices and percussions to a strange restless blend. Only "Pédicure" and "Amulette" has been played in a traditional way, without losing its abstract intention. But most of the here included nine songs are free from any conventional frames, and the sounds are taking the listener into a bizarre and strange sonic world. While the aforementioned songs are based on, it's not easy to figure out what kind of instruments(?) Christophe Bailleau had used in other tracks. His music still owns a warm and sometimes melancholic atmosphere and is far away from being anti-human, but is also focused on surrealistic and absurd aspects of life. But apart of all human comparisons, listening to "Cosmet Nihil" is also like watching an anthill, where thousands of ants are crawling from one hole into the next.

The album includes peaceful moments, but he had also incoporated a lot of tension and restlessness without disturbing the listener in his sonic contemplation. As you may have noticed, "Cosmet Nihil" is a very varied album and can emerge a lot of images in your head, if you're just open your mind. When I'm tired of listening to loud guitars, and looking for an alternative to my jazz and blues records, this is an album I always put in my player. Although only a few people are interested in music like this, I like to give you the advice and check out "Cosmet Nihil".