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It's always a pleasure for me, when one of the veterans from the MD heavy music scene returns with a new band, because my love for most of this groups is immortal. Maybe this sounds cheesy but it's simply the truth. In the case of CHOWDER it's bassist/guitarist Josh Hart, who was part of the line-up of Revelation and Unorthodox in the 90's where he was the man on the four strings. During that period of time he formed the band CHOWDER together with drummer Chad Rush and it's really astonishing that this self-titled MCD is their first official recording after nearly 15 years, which has been released in 2007 through John Brenner's (Revelation / Against Nature) own label Bland Hand Records. Before that they have alo released a demo in 2006, but this release consist of five brandnew tracks. Unlike before, Josh Hart is the guitarist here and he's also responsible for the synthesizers, which adjoin a unique psychedelic temper to the overall sound. 'Hiki' shows that they aren't afraid to use only synthesizers as well as other effects.

On bass / moog taurus pedals it's Doug Williams, who replaced Joe Ruthvin (ex-Earthride)  and the five included tracks here belong to best instrumental heavy progressive rock/metal I've heard in a long time. Needless to say that several influences from Revelation and Unorthodox have found their way into CHOWDER's energetic sound as for example in 'Night of Time', but that's definitely nothing bad. Especially the emotionality of both bands is always present, so despite the intricacy of the structures it's also music for your heart. Well, actually this isn't a real surprise, because this band is from Maryland. It's a pity that after approximately 23 minutes this disc ends, but firstly one can press the play-button again and secondly it won't take too long until CHOWDER will record their first full-length. I'll await it eagerly, because this is a grandiose debut, which deserves a lot of attention. This group let off a lot steam, they kick your ass, knead your head and warming up your heart.