CENTURIONS GHOST (Blessed & Cursed In Equal Measure) CD

Although I really was disappointed by CENTURIONS GHOST's support show for Saint Vitus at the beginning of 2010, their third full-length reconciles me. One reason for this is, that 'Blessed & Cursed In Equal Measure' is more complex and multifaceted than what I had heard in February 2010 at the Turock in Essen. On the one hand, CENTURIONS GHOST continues seamlessly from their second album 'The Great Work', but they have also refind their bulldozing metal sound. The songwriting has fully matured and the band has openend up their songs for further experiments without losing their characteristic crusty heaviness, consisting of doom, heavy metal, hardcore punk, thrash and heavy metal. Exactly as it had been the case on the previous albums, the band is highly skilled and succeeds in blending together different styles so that the result sounds extremely organic and natural. Add to this the fact that the new songs are more catchy than ever before, and I guarantee you that 'Blessed & Cursed In Equal Measure' is a feast for the ears.

Each song is heavy as hell with some really devastating riffs throughout. But CENTURIONS GHOST aren't even afraid to integrate an organ into songs like 'Temple' or 'Blessed & Cursed' with the positive effect that both tracks sound a little more mysterious and sinister. Especially 'Temple' becomes threateningly intensive. Once again Mark Scurr manages to convince me here with his rusty and brutal vocal style. It's a pity that he left shortly before the European tour with Saint Vitus and has been replaced by Jake, who has become a full-time member in the meantime. To make sure there will be no boredom the songs oscillate between slow-to-mid tempo and have been carefully arranged. Sometimes there are a few up-tempo parts as, for example, in the first song 'Powerful Sense of Dread' or in 'A Born Leader'. The production is crisp and lets you distinctly hear every instrument. 'Blessed & Cursed In Equal Measure' is a bone crunching monster and if you consider yourself a fan of heaviest metal, especially the dark and doomy stuff, you have to check this out.