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CENTURIONS GHOST (A Sign Of Things To Come) CD

I don't know any other Doom label, that released so much top-notch stuff in 2005 as  Sweden's I Hate Records. No matter if you listen to Thee Plague Of Gentlemen, Isole or Burning Saviours - every band got its very own style, showing the world outside, that Doom is  vital and offers more than a rehash of the 80's. And before 2005 is over, I Hate surprises all fans of heavy music with the next killer disc. This time it's the debut of CENTURIONS GHOST, an UK-based band with End Of Level Boss drummer Gareth Millsted in the line-up. CENTURIONS GHOST must considered be as nothing but the heaviest Doom command from the current English playground!

No exaggeration, guitars and bass have such a crushing deep and pounding sound, it's simply awesome. Of course, this wouldn't be worth too much if the songs themselves wouldn't slash - but that's also the case here as nearly all of the seven tracks are like a trip into total musical devastation. The obscure instrumental "Stigmartysm" enriches the sinister atmosphere of the album and adds a stronger depth to it. About the music - just take the best/heaviest pieces of very early Candlemass and early Cathedral in combination with Cetic Frost's "To Mega Therion" and you will eventually have an idea how CENTURIONS GHOST's monstrously powerful Doom Metal could sound! The vocals of James Begley fits perfectly, too and the production is killer so I could prattle so much more about this overwhelming greatness, but I don't think there's a need to. A must....