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This is the first demo CD of the Ohio-based band CENTRIFUGE. They have played with other local bands such as Abdullah, Rebreather and The Rubes in the past and the six presented songs here were recorded, produced and mixed in two days in Febuary 2002. This trio hasn't much in common with the before mentioned bands. More Godflesh-like, the six tracks are coming out of the speakers. The vocals and the arrangements are similiar to later Godflesh with clean vocals. To talk about the songs, "Hollow" is a heavy mid-tempo roller, and hidden "hit" on the demo. The nine minutes long "Feed The High" steps a bit out with it's doom-laden atmosphere and riffs. The production could have been more powerful, especially the drum sound is too quiet for my taste, but "Taste Of Grey" is the first demo of CENTRIFUGE. With a better production and a more forceful sound, this band could etablish their name in the territory of Doomcore. The first step is done! If you want to get more informations, visit the CENTRIFUGE webpage.