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What for a refreshing promo-release of UK-doomsters CAMBIAN DAWN! They don't explore any new ground, but in the case of this power-trio it doesn't matter. The here included five songs are charged with influences from Black Sabbath , Saint Vitus or Pentagram f.e. in combination with grooves in the Acrimony or Orange Goblin vein. And they've got this authentic feeling and pretty powerful riffs to stand their ground. The first three songs are from the band's first 7", and especially the opener "Post Millenium Blues" is a hard-hittin' groovy Doom track. They've got this classic 70's Heavy Rock vibe, too , what makes their songs more interesting. The sound is mostly slow and massive, with a few up-tempo breakouts. The mournful "Futile Exsistence" is another outstanding song, with its slow rolling themes.

The vocals of bassplayer Matt Kenway are expressive and hard to compare with others. He own's a bit of Ozzy, mixed with a classic Heavy Metal feeling in it. The other two tracks are from the same recording sessions, but they don't reach above mentioned songs, although still very listenable. CAMBIAN DAWN are on very promising way, and I hope any underground record label will give them the chance for a release. A must-have for every doomster! Check out the CAMBIAN DAWN homepage for current activities and more.