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V.A. (Burn The Street Vol. IV) CD

It's time for the fourth round of the Daredevil Records compilation series "Burn The Street, and this is the heaviest issue until now. While the three previous ones are more focused on all kinds of fuzzrock from all over the world, "Burn The Street Vol. IV" is definitely more metal and presents the listener a wider spectrum of heavy music. Among more unknown bands like ON PAROLE, COULDRON or MENDOZZA, one can find well-known names like ENTOMBED, MASTODON, SOLACE, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY or THE MIGHTY NIMBUS. Sad to report, that the featured tracks from this bands have been previously released on their actual full-lenghts, and SOLACE' "Sled Heavy" is from their last album "13", and has been already released on another compilation. Other groups here are: EL CACO, SPIRITU, RITE, NINE, HOUSE OF AQUARIUS, DOVE, MOTHER MISERY, NINE DAYS TO NO ONE, FINAL BENSON, THIRD KIND, and STRAIN.

Mostly all of the included tracks are brute hitters, and fans of heavy rock 'n' roll will be pleased as well as the ones, who need a healthy dose of smoking metal. Two of my personal discoveries are DOVE with "This is You can Trust"; an amazing track that starts like an old hardcore song and changes into a massive guitar part, that sounds mechanical and soulful at once. Somewhere I noticed, that ex-members of Cavity and Assück are here in the line-up and I need to check out more of this unique band. The next band is ON PAROLE, and due to the name their sound is very close to the one from Motörhead in 1979. But the vocals haven't much in common with Lemmy Kilmister's whiskey-drenched throat, but Rob Tyner (MC5) is surely another inspiration for the vocalist, and so is "Hard Time" a breathless hard-rockin' cut, that sounds like a cross between "Overkill" and later MC5. Not bad, guys - I'm impressed!

"Awaiting the Sunrise" from Sweden's HOUSE OF AQUARIUS is very different from the other eighteen tracks, because it's the most relaxed number here, while all other bands take absolutely no prisoners with their tunes! Once again, "Burn The Street Vol. IV" is a highly interesting compilation for people who aren't familiar with the current heavy scene, but if you own the albums of the here featured bands, than better save your money for something else!