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THE BEVIS FROND (New River Head) 2CD

BEVIS FROND got a cult status, especially in the psychedelic Rock scene. The very early roots of the British-based band are somewhere to find in the late 60's. Since those days, main-man Nick Saloman had played in different outfits in the 70's, such as Oddsocks and The Von Trap Family until he re-animated the BEVIS FROND in ca. 1986. At this time it was a one-man band, where Nick played all instruments. He recorded his first proper album "Miasma" and numerous albums followed, like "Triptych", "Bevis Through The Looking Glass", "Inner Marshland" and so on. One of this masterpieces is the here presented album "New River Head", that was originally issued in 1990.

Though he played all instruments and produced the album, other musicians were involved like Adrian Shaw (a former Hawkwind bass player), who became soon a constant member of BEVIS FROND, and David Tibet of the incredible Current 93. Reckless Records didn't want to release the album on vinyl, so Nick Saloman ended up doing the UK release, and Reckless handled America. Sadly, the album was shortened to fit on to one disc, and the missing six tracks were later issued as part of the "Gathering Of Fronds" CD on Reckless. But in 2003, over a decade later, Rubric Records and Nick Saloman remastered and reissued the complete album, in the order that it was intended, plus nine extra tracks including several demo and unreleased tracks and last, but not least, with detailed and informative liner-notes from Nick Saloman about "New River Head".

"New River Head" is a shimmering masterpiece, full of emotion and passion, and if you never listen to the BEVIS FROND before, this is a very recommandable entry into Saloman's world. The album offers a wide range of music, that reaches from folk songs over melodic indie rock to heavy psychedelic stuff. BEVIS FROND aren't belonging to the Hawkwind/13th Floor Elevators/Jefferson Airplane copy-cats, though drawing influences from all this acts, but there's much more inside. The bonus tracks are on the same high level like the album, and no second-class extra bullshit. If you own the original album, don't hesitate to buy this one, too. Rubric Records owns the right to "Bevis Through The Looking Glass" and "London Stone", which will be released in the future to conclude the reissue series. Pretty good idea!!!! Check out the website of Nick's label Woronzow.