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Dear classic rock fans, please note Italy's BUTTERED BACON BISCUITS on your next shopping list. You won't regret this surely. 'From The Solitary Woods' is certainly an impressive first effort, presenting a young band that is very experienced in their field. With insolent yet earthy guitar riffs, a booming bass, dynamic percussion, and songs that make you think there won't be a tomorrow, the five musicians bring you back to the golden era of 1970's progressive hardrock. One is reminded of bands such as Deep Purple, Jethro Tull or Atomic Rooster, so it is clear that BUTTERED BACON BISCUITS are no innovators. Well, I don't mind at all. The tunes have great riffs and solos without getting lost in the haze. That's all embedded in tight arrangements that at the same time are multifaceted. 'Losin' My Pride' is a flawless display of virtuosity and one of the heaviest tunes of this album. But 'From The Solitary Woods' is not only a guitar and organ dominated sonic assault. There's is also enough space for calmer songs or quieter sections.

'Another Secret in the Sun' is an acoustic, dreamy country-tinged ballad with a nice Floyd-esque middle section. During such moments it is obvious that BUTTERED BACON BISCUITS do not limit themselves to only one formula and it also guarantees that the band is always good for a surprise. This also includes 'Essaouira' that is the only instrumental track on the album. The main riffs of Jethro Tull's 'Locomotive Breath' and The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' were fused together, but it doesn't sound like a cover version because these two elements have been skillfully woven into a texture of folk-driven space rock. Here again, they succeed and it's definitely another highlight, though unfortunately it's not all roses and cupcakes.

Vocalist/guitarist Ricky tends to overdo things, which does not mean that he's not a good singer. But sometimes he acts over-emotive as for example in 'Into the Wild', where his dramatic style is almost too much for my taste. As so often, less is sometimes more. Thankfully, he's able to vary the tone colors, so that I can ignore the fact that he exaggerates now and then. It is also noteworthy that Ricky is the creative force behind BUTTERED BACON BISCUITS, because he has written almost all of the songs and lyrics. As a bonus, there's a hidden bonus track, but it would not have been necessary even when it is fun to listen to this country tune, including a well-known quotation from The Beatles. The album is rounded off by a strong and powerful production that gives a modern feel to the eight tracks which are saturated with the spirit of the 1970's. 'From The Solitary Woods' is a remarkable debut which might be of interest to 70's rock enthusiasts. As I remarked earlier, you won't regret this surely. I give the thumbs-up!