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BURNOUT (Thundertits) CD

Iowa-based band with their self-released ten song debut that's somewhere between Southern-styled Rock'n'Roll and sludge-driven heavy Doom. There isn't the highest variety in all ten monstrous songs and the album-title isn't my kind of humour, too, but there are some nice moments on this album ("Speedway King", "Mudslinger", "Transmissions from the Solar Queen"or the thunderous mid-tempo killer "Gas,Grass or Ass"). The production is raw and it fits, but there`s really something that I don't like about BURNOUT. I think, they should come up with more original and remarkable songs.

They've got the potential to do better, so let's wait for newer stuff. And there are so many bands out there with this kind of macho bad-ass image, that it's really a bore. The same bore as all this political correct people. I don't care about both extremes. But maybe these guys are total authentic and I haven't understand anything. Who cares! I'm waiting for BURNOUT's next release, that is scheduled to be recorded in the spring of 2002 and will see the light of day in the summer. Maybe they are a devastating live-act, but "Thundertits" isn't enough for me. Decide for yourself! You can order this CD from 12th Planet Music and visit the homepage of BURNOUT for more details.