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BURNING WITCH (Crippled Lucifer) CD

A viscous, mystical ultraheavy trip through the backyard of your mind and soul offers this masterpiece from BURNING WITCH. It has been released in 1999 by SOUTHERN LORD Rec. and "Crippled Lucifer" contains two recordings, entitled "Rift.Canyon.Dreams" and "Towers" from the mid-90's.The first release of "Crippled Lucifer" was on the English BAD ACID label and "Towers" was released on SLAP-A-HAM as a 12" as well as "Rift.Canyon.Dreams".

For those who don't know...BURNING WITCH are the total opposite of Easy Listening!!! The band creates a psychotic tortured music with a mystic and majestic vibe. This is more sonic archtecture, yet heaviest Doom. Some discreet samples enriches this extreme mixture,which is in some moments comparable to acts like GRIEF or BURZUM, but BURNING WITCH are much more heavier and darker. The vocals are changing from an aggressive shrieking to a melancholic and melodic level. An interesting album with seven beautiful songs that are very intensive.