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Due to the name of this Swedish band, I thought that they would play some kind of Death Row / Pentagram styled heavy doom, but since I had received this promo from I Hate Records, I have to redefine my point of view. Well, BURNING SAVIOURS are undeniable influenced from the 70's period of Pentagram, especially the vocals from guitarplayer Andrei Amartinesei owns a strong Bobby Liebling vibe. But nevertheless, this outfit had added much more from the early 70's to their sound, what makes the album to a very retrospective journey into the early days of heavy rock, and while listening to it a couple of bands from this period pop up in my mind. Despite of all this influences, BURNING SAVIOURS created a very refreshing and authentic sound, that is more heavy in mood, than in its workmanship.

Like some of the early 70's undergound bands, they have the same melancholic undertones in their songs, and aren't afraid to use a flute in best Jethro Tull tradition. Although A. Amartinesei's vocals are comparable with the ones from B. Liebling, he had found a very expressive and emotional style, and a song like "Thoughtless fools" with its bittersweet interuptions is just one perfect example of his abilities. It's very enjoyable, that the band knows to catch the listener with clever song ideas and addictive hooklines, what makes me want to play the album again and again. Therefore that this band was formed in 2003, they have recorded an outstanding debut album and had grown a lot over the last two years. When I compare this album with the second Witchcraft album "Firewood", and BURNING SAVIOURS have definitely the same sort of overall aesthetics as their Swedish comrades, I have to admit that this Swedish band had released the better album, due to the stronger song material.

And I appreciate the fact, that this album doesn't contain too much songs, so that the cd comes to and end after eights songs and a running time of 35+ minutes. I like to recommend this album to all the people, who dig good old vintage heavy rock, played with a doomy and folky edge in the vein of above mentioned bands, but still refreshing and unique enough to stick out of the pool of heavy bands, due to their impressive and authentic sound. All thumbs up for BURNING SAVIOURS and thanks to Ola from I Hate for signing this gang!