This is the last album, which this Swedish band did record for I Hate Records, and everyone who liked their debut full-length won't be disappointed by 'Hundus'. BURNING SAVIOURS' music isn't hard to describe; they clearly draw a lot of inspiration from early Pentagram and combine it with other obscure Heavy Rock from the 1970's. Once again, 'Hundus' demonstrates that this band is totally devoted to this innovative decade of Heavy Rock. Despite of aforementioned influences, they have a sense of their own identity and some songs of note, although BURNING SAVIOURS are far away from being innovative. But what the hell is really innovative in current times!? Not really much....so who gives a fuck!

So it's more important, that a band knows to write good songs (I'll write that over and over again, because it's so damn true), and this four guys have talent. They're also successful in arranging their cuts in an interesting way, while the expressive vocals of guitarist Andrei Amartinesei will always remind the listener to a young Bobby Liebling. Sometimes, the band is slightly moving away from their proto doom-orientated sound into the murky waters of progressive Rock, without becoming a progressive group. Especially the songs with additional flute emphasizes this impression, and I like this variety a lot. My only wish for the future is, that this retro quartet should integrate more various paces into their songs, instead of mostly playing mid-tempo stuff.

But that's not really a problem here. 'Hundus' was recorded in Bombshelter studios, where also bands like Asteroid or Truckfighters did their recordings. As usual, the here presented result is very good. Whether you instantly dig BURNING SAVIOURS' music or you just realise there's something you like about it and just need to hear it again, they will permeate your senses. Good work!