BUCKSHOT FACELIFT (Anchors Of The Armless Gods) LP

It's quite a while ago that I dealt with a grindcore band. Well, actually, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT isn't your typical blast beat group. Take a good portion power violence and hardcore punk and there you have their brutal heavy sound that doesn't stick to the rules of the genre. They blur the lines with the greatest of ease and also manage to create an organic sound. The tracks aren't much longer than 2:45 minutes, packed from beginning to end with down-tuned guitars, complex drumming and sick vocals switching between psychotic outbursts and guttural attacks. In between there are a couple of bizarre, gurgling effects, reminiscent of very early Carcass. The production is punchy, full and dynamic all around. Very sad, that the A-side ends after almost 19 minutes, but in return you get 14 tracks as well as an etched artwork on the B-side that shows a picture of English horror film actress Barbara Steele plus an additional lyric sheet. It is quite remarkable how much effort BUCKSHOT FACELIFT have put in the packaging of this 12" that is on the same level as the music. 'Anchors Of The Armless Gods' won't revolutionize the world of extreme music, but it's much better than the next typical album from another death/grind/gore band.