BROKEN OHMS (Nocturnal Emissions) CD

This is the self-released debut album from a young Canadian band, and it has definitely some very good moments, especially when BROKEN OHMS try to find their own musical identity that lie somewhere between early Soundgarden and early QotSA. Well, that maybe that doesn't sound very exciting, but BROKEN OHMS have a keen sense for melodies that carve their way into my ear and stuck there for more than two hours. For my taste the first three tracks aren't very special, although vocalist Peter Hubley is the one here who makes sure that I won't skip to the next songs. He sounds like the small brother of Chris Cornell without imitating his style and has definitely the ability to fill the songs with passion and soul. One of the first highlights is 'Fear of God' that kicks off with a slight 60's influence and alters itself into a noisy direction without losing its rockin' hookline. 'Missing' is also worth mentioning. In contrast to the reast of the material this song reminds me to some of the bands which have been released by Dischord Records in the mid-80's. Once again the song wins over with a compelling hookline. 'Sleepytown' is the last song here, and it's definitely a perfect ending for this album. The base is a heavy, funky rhythm that owns enough drive to make this song to an energetic experience. Of course, 'Nocturnal Emissions' isn't groundbreaking or sensational, but it's a good start for a promising band.