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During the last years a small community of musicians and labels in Poland have come into existence, who are creating dissonate sonic sculptures in the tradition of bands/musicians like Whitehouse, Non, Merzbow or Slogun. Some call this music power electronics or harsh noise, but at least it's original industrial music and not this kind of fake shit like Ministry f.e., who are called industrial just because they've integrated a few weird sounds into their rock music. Well, anyway, I won't abuse this review for a history lesseon in music and so I better focus my attention on the latest release of BRANDKOMMANDO, a Polish one-man unit who is not really unknown in the power noise underground. This album has been released in 2007 on the Japanese avantgarde label Deserted Factory and 'Love Forever' consits of seven songs. Song titles like 'Massmord', 'Tortured' or 'Slaugheter' give a small hint that this album is not really about love but more about the dark sides of the human nature. The music is as uncomfortable as the song-titles, and everyone who's not into this kind of sound will be forced to push the stop-button after the first song. 

All those who are into the above mentioned groups will love this album. Heavy soundwaves with a hefty distortion unfold an intensive and uncomfortable drone and sometimes a subtle rhythm creeps through this textures. 'Elaborat Pseudofilozoficzny' is accompanied by martial and monotonous percussion, while a track like 'Tortured' showcases BRANDKOMMANDO from an extreme aggressive side. At times a heavy distorted voice is breaking through the massive sound, but almost the complete album is instrumental. What all songs have in common is the fact that they're very hypnotic and kaleidoscopic, due to different integrated sounds. 'Love Forever' is dynamic, sinister and varied listening experience with songs that are mostly about the ten minutes mark. Wrapped up in an unusual cover artwork the new album of BRANDKOMMANDO offer more than just pure noise, especially when you're not only a casual listener. This is really mind-altering music.